A Mutt Magician!

Leslie and Zig

Rachel Lachow is a woof wizard, a mutt magician. She doesn’t just train your dog; she trains you. She has quite the way with a clicker, and her treats bring all the dogs to heel. We love Rachel so much that we took her with us to meet the dog we wanted to bring home so that we could rest assured he was a good boy. And Ziggy is the best!

Leslie Miller

I started training with Rachel when my male yellow Labrador puppy was around 12 weeks. He was a major handful and that is an understatement. Moby was wildly distracted, mischievous and getting into everything. Once we started with Rachel, he started really tuning into me and the training game. He remains full of energy but he absolutely knows his cues and follows them!! I have referred many people to Rachel and will continue to do so.

Barb Clapp

Nancy and Bruno Love Rachel


It is hard (or next to impossible) to send only a few words about Rachel Lachow. She is a top notch dog trainer and handler. She is patient with owners, loving to all animals, and has a great sense of humor!  What more could you want?

Nancy Mailman

An Expert on Behavior

Rachel is an expert on behavior. She is experienced, kind, intuitive, and makes it fun for the dogs. My dog is now a therapy dog with Paws For People.

Amy Feinberg

Positive Training Techniques

I met Rachel 5 years ago when I brought home my golden retriever puppy. I was at a loss with how to train this very energetic puppy. Rachel taught me how to use positive training techniques such as clicker training for great results. Working with Rachel early on in my dogs life has given us a solid foundation of training. Zeke is now 5 yrs. old and a certified therapy dog with multiple titles . One of which is an advanced trick title which we were able to learn the tricks and test virtually with Rachel during the pandemic.

Dawn & Zeke

She helped us get a handle on all of it

As we took on raising our 8 week old goldendoodle, Panda, we found ourselves in over our heads with a rambunctious, chewing, nipping, jumping, house-destroying, little ball of fur. Rachel helped us get a handle on all of it, from giving us techniques to get us through the earliest nights of crying over her missing littermates, to learning polite greetings and leash walking, and halting negatives like counter-surfing.  Panda (and her happy owners) have made so much progress, and we couldn’t have done it without Rachel.

Mark and Susan Eisner

She approaches each dog with knowledge and respect


When we got our English Shepherd puppy Oberon, we tried traditional group classes, but they weren’t a great fit for him– he got overstimulated and a little nervous. Having Rachel come to our house and work with our family made great sense for all of us. She noticed behaviors he was offering and worked to rechannel them before they might become problematic– she taught him to wait calmly as people rang the doorbell, and to sit at the bottom of the stairs rather than climbing them under our feet, as well as many other sensible behaviors. As Oberon has grown, a few new and challenging quirks have emerged, and I always know that Rachel will be able to help us- and him- work through them. During the pandemic, we took a fun online novice tricks class with Rachel that taught us new ways to challenge and bond with Oberon. I recommend Positively Obedient Dog Training to everyone who has a puppy or a dog– our experience has been so very positive! Rachel has helped Oberon- and us- learn helpful behaviors before we even knew they’d be valuable AND she’s helped us tackle some entrenched issues as he’s grown up. She approaches each dog with knowledge and respect, and uses positive, proven techniques that work!

Felicity and Bradley Turner

Sophie can politely greet new people


Sophie had a major injury as a pup that affected her development and socialization. Before working with Rachel, Sophie could not even walk down our street or go outside without fear and reactivity. Now, after a few sessions with Rachel and consistent practice, Sophie can comfortably go out to public locations, politely greet new people, and plays fetch like a champ!

Victoria Herr