Supplies I Find Helpful

Dog supplies:

Buckle or martingale collar and/or harness.
Note: do not leave collars and harnesses on unattended puppies as they will eat them! Here are a few choices I recommend:

For dogs who pull:


For dogs who don’t pull:
Head Collars

Comfort Trainer: For dogs who pull and bark aggressively at other dogs or are much stronger than owners.

Lines and Leashes

House line: Light 6’ leash or laundry cord and swivel hook from hardware store

Leash: 4’ – 6’, soft and easy to fold up in your hands.  Leather feels best but not recommended for mouthy puppies. 

Long line: Biothane is nice because it is weather resistant: For small dogs, choose 3/8”, ½# for larger dogs. I prefer them without a handle.

Puppy Supplies 

Chew Bones and Toys

*** Chews are fun and necessary for puppies but can cause problems. Check to make sure that your puppy is not eating large pieces or consuming a bone in a few hours.  Do not feed greenies as they can cause dangerous obstructions.

Grooming Supplies
  • Miller’s Forge Orange Nail clippers or Dremel nail grinder (black large nails)
  • Brush (Zoom Groom for smooth-coated dogs)
  • Pin brush or slicker for coated breeds
Treats and Feeding
Owner’s First Shopping List
  • Clicker
    • i-Click Original Clicker – I like the “i-click” because it’s easy to find the button and not too loud. You might want the wristlet that comes with some of them.
    • Clicino – a finger clicker.
  • Pouch or vest with pockets for treats